The Pantry Filler


The Pantry Filler

Loaded with great products to make and inspire meals in this jam-packed gift basket. The perfect pantry filler for a housewarming, celebratory gift.



The Pantry Filler

  • Large Bamboo Weaved Basket

  • Covered Bridge Popcorn 125g NB

  • Covered Bridge Storm Chips 284g NB

  • Twigs Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pretzel Sticks 130g Canada

  • Paterson Scottish Shortbread Fingers 300g

  • Panetella Gourmet Specialty Pasta 500g

  •  Three Mitchell’s Soup Co. Soup Mixes Canada

  • Focaccia Crisps 85g

  • 2 Jumbo Sausage

  • Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 198g Canada

  • 2 Sweet & Salty Nutz Snacks 71 g each

  • 2 Three Farmers Roasted Lentil Snacks 40g each Canada
  • Martelli Sicilian Red Pesto 212ml
  • Castello Brie Cheese 125g

  • Castello Brie with Garlic & Pepper 125g

  • Sanoma Jacks Cheese 113g

  • Mary Manette Salmon Pate 90g PEI & NS

  • 2 Olive pkgs 30g each

  • Wildly Delicious Caramel Apple Butter 185ml Canada

  • Wildly Delicious Smoked BBQ Butchers Salt 200g Canada

  • Wildly Delicious Garlic Black Salt 90gCanada

  • Wildly Delicious Badass Mop Sauce 350ml Canada

  • Wildly Delicious Tangerine & Red Chili Jelly 185ml Canada

  • Wildly Delicious Butter Chicken Sauce 350ml Canada

  • Wildly Delicious Apple Butter Roasting Glaze 350ml Canada

  • 2 Wonderful Pistachios 35g each
    All baskets are subject to changes in product based on budget and availability

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 14 in


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