Large Seacuterie Gift Tray


A great all-occasion gift for seafood enthusiasts.


The Large Seacuterie Gift Tray is a designer gift that has everything needed to create a beautiful assortment of  Seacuterie. All of the Gourmet food in this gift comes on a reusable (longer lasting if treated with beeswax) food-safe wooden tray as the part of the gift that keeps giving.

The perfect gift for seafood lovers.

Charcuterie, tips, tricks, and ideas are found easily on any search engine, to wow a crowd.



  • Rectangle Food Safe Wood Tray

  • Canadian Select Maple Sockeye Smoked Salmon 8oz Canada

  • Mary Mannette smoked Herring 190g PEI

  • Canadian Select Sockeye Salmon Pate 92g Canada

  • Water Crackers 125g

  • Cookie it Up Shortbread Cookies 140g Canada

  • Ryvita Thins Crackers 125g

  • Maple Onion Confit 230g Canada

  • Almond Roca 127g

  • Hard Storm Cheese 100g NS

  • Catherine’s Antipasto 250ml Canada

  • Three Farmers Beans Snacks 40g Canada

  • Nibbler Ceramic dish

  • Nutz Trail Mix 100g

  • Castello Brie Cheese refrigerate once opened 125g

    All baskets are subject to changes in the product based on budget and availability

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in