Charcuterie Tray (S, M, L)


The perfect gift for any occasion

The image size and description are of the large tray


The Charcuterie Tray is an elegant and popular designer gift has everything needed to create a beautiful assortment of Charcuterie. All of the Gourmet food in this gift comes on a reusable (longer lasting if treated with beeswax) food-safe wooden tray as the part of the gift that keeps on giving. A choice of size is available in the cart. The image shows the large tray and the product list is also for the large tray.

The perfect gift for any occasion.

Charcuterie, tips, tricks, and ideas are found easily on any search engine to wow a crowd.



  • Rectangle Food Safe Wood Tray

  • Nibbler Ceramic Dish

  • Maple Onion Confit 230g Canada

  • Wonderful Pistachios 200g

  • Sanders Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Caramels 198g

  • Noggins Apple Chips 45g NS

  • Castello Brie Cheese refrigerate once opened 125g

  • Nutz Sweet & Salty Mix

  • Water Crackers 125g

  • Charcuterie Meat Trio 150g

  • Italian Olives 50g

  • Mild Sausage 75g Canada

  • Cows Hard Cheese 200g PE

  • Small Water Crackers 95g Canada

  • 2 Toffee Chocolate Covered Pretzels Canada

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in

Large, Medium, Small